“The Art of Crafting Irresistible Raffle for Charity Campaigns”

Holding a fundraising event is one of the best ways for nonprofit organizations and charities to raise money. However, securing the resources needed for a successful fundraising event can be challenging. This is where in-kind donations, mainly donated goods, can be helpful. If your nonprofit organization has received a valuable in-kind donation, you can give away that item in a raffle at your next event. This will not only help you raise revenue, but it will also raffle for charity more people to your event and introduce them to your organization’s cause.  

When deciding what type of in-kind giving would best suit your nonprofit organization or charity, you should ask yourself the following questions:  

“What product or service raffle for charity my nonprofit organization benefit from?”  

If your nonprofit organization is focused on serving the homeless population in your community, you may be most in need of essential items like toiletries and feminine hygiene products. Therefore, being gifted with a superfluous donation, like luxury bedding, may not help your organization’s mission.  

“What is an in-kind donation that my targeted audience would enjoy?”  

If your nonprofit organization is focused on encouraging children to learn about and practice art, your target audience will also likely have a passion for art education. Therefore, in-kind donations, your target audience would enjoy including tickets to a local art exhibit or the raffle for charity theater in your town. In addition, giving these donations away in a raffle can help your nonprofit achieve its fundraising goals.  

“What is an in-kind donation that could attract a wider audience of potential donors?” 

If your nonprofit organization is hoping to bring awareness to its cause and reach a wider audience, it might benefit most from an in-kind donation as a guest speaker. For example, if your nonprofit organization is focused on encouraging children to get active, having a professional sports player speak at your event might encourage more people to attend the event.  

How you answer these questions can help you determine what type of in-kind donation to request for your nonprofit organization. Once you know what type of in-kind donation your nonprofit could benefit from, you can start looking for potential donors.  

Companies that Give an In-Kind Gift to Nonprofit Organizations 

If your nonprofit organization or charity has yet to receive any in-kind donations, there is no need to worry. There are plenty of local and corporate businesses that provide organizations with in-kind raffle for charity upon request. Here are ten companies that can provide an in-kind donation for your next fundraising event.  

Charity Safaris

Charity Safaris is an online charity site that provides nonprofit organizations and charities with hunting packages. The nonprofit or charity can then auction off these hunting packages to raise revenue for their cause. All of the hunting trips provided by Charity Safaris, which have an estimated retail value of $8,000 to $12,600, are offered free of charge to participants. In addition, the nonprofit organization or charity gets to keep all the proceeds from the auction. 

Charity Safaris works closely with the hunting outfitters and the participants to ensure that everyone has a great experience. The destinations of the hunting trips provided by Charity Safaris include Argentina, New Zealand, and South Africa.  

What is excellent about Charity Safaris is that any nonprofit organization or charity based in the United States and Canada is welcome to apply. So, Charity Safaris is worth considering if your raffle for charity organization is looking for an item to auction off and is based in these locations. You can quickly request a donation by going to their website,

 Wonder of the Seas

Royal Caribbean Group is a cruise vacation company. As the second-largest cruise company on a global scale, it is among some of the biggest companies that give in-kind donations to nonprofit organizations.  

Royal Caribbean Group offers in-kind donations to nonprofit organizations and charities that hold similar values to them. They are currently accepting in-kind donation requests from nonprofit organizations and charities emphasizing oceans, education, and resilience. If your nonprofit is focused on ocean and environmental preservation or environmental education, you are a good candidate for an in-kind donation from Royal Caribbean Cruises.  

To apply, you must click on the link above and fill out their donation request form. Royal Caribbean Cruises requests that applications are filled out 90 days before your fundraising event to be considered.  

It should also be noted that the program does not accept requests from organizations or charities with a focus on health, individual schools, or parent-teacher associations. Royal Caribbean Cruises also does not accept in-kind donation requests from organizations that have policies that discriminate based on sexual orientation or gender expression.  


Dick’s Sporting Goods

Dick’s Sporting Goods is a franchise sports apparel company that sells athletic wear, sports equipment, and sporting goods. As a sporting goods store, athletic participation is an essential part of the company’s philosophy. The company believes that participation in sports can motivate children to stay focused on their goals on and off the field. Due to this philosophy, Dick’s Sporting Goods offers in-kind donations to nonprofit organizations and charities that strongly emphasize sports participation at a young age.  






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