Ridiculous’ party people

In a way, it’s deja vu all over again for Tracz, Solano and their twin siblings  , who serve as Jeeter’s vice president of marketing and chief sales officer, respectively. As college students at Florida State University in 2006, the jeeter juice carts

  quartet threw a series of parties that eventually became Life in Color,  .

Tracz and Solano met while waiting tables to pay their way through college roughly 16 years ago. Together with their twins, the four bonded over watching HBO’s “Entourage.” The show inspired them to look for ways to make money while partying together, so they started throwing house parties. Far from small shindigs, Solano says these “ridiculous” parties would attract hundreds of college kids, some paying up to $150 to board a chartered bus and be shepherded to local nightclubs and back again.

After initially funding the parties with money they’d made from previous events, the friends used ticket sales and sponsorship cash to move into nightclubs and sports arenas. Life in Color became a legitimate business — touring the country with paint cannons and electronic music acts — before the co-founders sold it to Los Angeles-based events group SFX entertainment in 2012 for an undisclosed amount.






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